Audio-Stuff from Switzerlands Cult-Band KAKTUS

KILLER guitar player Crown Kocher spent several years with his Band-Buddy Duco Aeschbach playing with KAKTUS
Audio-CD "No time to die"
The current KAKTUS CD from 2013
20,00 CHF
Audio-CD "Rocking Blood" 2009
Produced in 2008 by Crown Kocher
Co-producer: Duco Aeschbach
Recorded at ZODIAC Studios, Solothurn
Sound Engineer: Kaspar Brossi
Mastering by Glenn Miller (Greenwood Studios)
20,00 CHF
Audio-CD/R "Singles 1976-78"
All KAKTUS-Singles from 1976-1978 on CD/R
10,00 CHF
Audio CD/R "KAKTUS Live am Kantifest 1975"
Documentary footage of a rock experiment on the occasion of the Kantifest in the auditorium of the Cantonal School Solothurn 1975.
KAKTUS appeared at that time as exclusivity with two drummers (among others Chris vonRohr).
15,00 CHF
Audio-CD "KAKTUS Live in Grenchen 1973"
THOMY KIEFER (Krokus) and MARCO DERMELI at their best.
An unforgettable contemporary document.
15,00 CHF
Audio-CD/R "KAKTUS Gaskessel Bern 1973"
Live concert of KAKTUS i from 1973 with the super guitarists THOMY KIEFER (Krokus) and MARCO DERMELI who once again did not seem to be from this world. Pure goosebumps ...
15,00 CHF
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